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Data Communications

Slow network? Your cables may be holding you back. They may be overworked or overloaded (just like you)!

Have you upgraded your network speed recently?
Did you make computer systems changes due to Y2K, growth, or
  other reasons?

In many companies, system upgrades are becoming increasingly more frequent. This evidently dictates a higher speed network which may require more band width than current cabling may provide. Cabling may need to be updated when changes are made in order to keep your network up and running properly.

Consumers have grown accustomed to "plug and play" connectivity. Designing and installing the data communication cabling to accomodate today's businesses, requires certain skills, knowledge and experience.

Voice Communications

Voice communication also requires a specific skills set but differs in that it is not an open system, like data cabling. Commercial telephone systems do not yet lend themselves to "plug and play" operation. In order to reach full functioning capacity, it is most important to engage the professional services of those educated and experienced in the design and installation of this vital tool's cabling.

Camtec personnel meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.

We handle the Big MAC sustaining the corporate heartbeat!

Call 780-466-2787 or email info@camtecinc.com to discuss our reasonable hourly or project rates.


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