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Category 5 is gone as of........
June 4, 2000Category 5 U.T.P. is NOT an approved cable in the new cabling standard, which should be issued this summer. Category 5E is the base cable that can be specified and or installed. This is a very important milestone in the cabling industry, as it marks the end of development on what was Category 5. If you are installing or specifying computer cabling, this statement will impact you! Contact Camtec at info@camtecinc.com for more information.

Fibre Optic Cable Alert
- Doug B. Mitchell, RCDD, President, Camtec Electric Services Ltd. June 4, 2000

If you are specifying or installing fibre optic cable, the rules have changed. No longer is FDDI grade fibre the best to install. Contact us before you specify or install fibre cable.

Gigabit ethernet has changed the rules.




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